Financial Update 2018-2019

Financial Update 2018-2019

In the spirit of transparency, I would like to share some information about my financial situation.

All of my income during the past year has come from donations. I am self-employed and donations received are financially accounted for as income to my business as a sole trader.

These donations come from a few different streams of activity:

  • Donations relating to my volunteer work for Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd
  • Donations from Music Peformance (Busking)
  • Donations from Information Technology (IT) Computer Services

Volunteering for Divine Truth & God’s Way Organisations

The primary work that I undertake is as a volunteer for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. I am involved in this work for approximately 2 weeks of each month. God’s Way & Divine Truth volunteers currently work in a cycle of 12 days on and then 16 days off, as time to apply God’s Way in our personal lives.

I work for Divine Truth and God’s Way on a donation basis, as a volunteer and not an employee. During 2018 and 2019, the majority of donations I received have come from 3 sources: Divine Truth Pty Ltd the private company of Jesus (AJ Miller) & Mary Magdelene (Mary Luck), Catherine Spence and Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins. Though these people are the founding members and directors of God’s Way Ltd, this is a private arrangement, financially distinct from God’s Way Ltd. These individuals strongly desire to share God’s Way with the world. By providing major financial support for a short time, they offer myself and some other volunteers of the organisation the gift of time to work through personal issues that prevent us receiving regular donations from a wide variety of sources, sufficient to cover all living costs.

The concept of covering a cost through smaller sized donations from a large number of different sources, has been termed Crowdfunding.

The financial arrangement between myself and Jesus, Mary, Catherine & Eloisa, is short term as it would not be sustainable, or inline with God’s Principle of Self-Responsibility for myself, were these ‘majority crowdfunders’ to indefinitely provide large funds meeting the vast proportion of my living costs.

I also receive donations relating to my work for Divine Truth and God’s Way from a number of other individuals (other crowdfunders!) who wish to support these organisations. I am touched to receive donations from people living in many different parts of the world, and the support and kind wishes of some people that I have never personally met.


I desire to share my love of singing and music as a gift to others, with no strings attached or expectations of receiving in return. I’m not perfected in giving this gift, but have been engaging my passion and working through my demands and expectations for a number of years.

I don’t charge a fee for musical performances but work as a busker, leaving a donation box or open guitar case in which people can leave donations if they wish to.

Computer Services

Prior to working ‘full time’ for Divine Truth and God’s Way, I had established a business providing computer software & systems development. Two corporate clients still using software that I developed occasionally contact me for troubleshooting technical issues and customising new addition to the system. In 2018 I transitioned this work to be by donation. The clients ask me to let them know the tasks and estimate time involved for a job they have in mind, decide what they would like to donate and seek company approval to go ahead with the project. At the end, I create an invoice for them in the amount that they wish to give.

From time to time, people also ask me for assistance with IT-related tasks such as developing a website or helping them organise their computer file system, which I undertake on a donation basis.

Financial Summary

The table below summarises my donation income from the past year, broken down quarterly and by stream:

Divine Truth & God’s Way Volunteering Other Total
Majority Crowdfunders Other Crowdfunders Busking Computer Services
Oct-Dec 2018 5,040 796 397 6,233
Jan-Mar 2019 5,940 1,797 120 2,000 9,857
Apr-Jun 2019 3,900 420 514 4,834
Jul-Sep 2019 3,120 526 777 2,400 6,823
Total 18,000 3,539 1,808 4,400 27,747

All figures are in Australian dollars.

Since May 2019 I have lived in a house owned by Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, which she wishes to gift as accommodation for full time volunteers of the God’s Way organisation. This greatly reduced my living costs and the donations that I received from the majority ‘crowdfunders’ were adjusted accordingly.

In March 2019 I received a share of donations gifted by participants during the Divine Truth Assistance Group events.

My Thanks

Thanks to all who have donated to me in the past year, and thank you to the founding members and directors of God’s Way Ltd, for creating the opportunity for me to volunteer for this organisation. The generousity of your donations makes it possible for me to enjoy this wonderful way of life, and focus on work that I believe in and feel passionate to have grow and to share with the world. The opportunity to contribute to the efforts of these organisations is a gift that I am extremely grateful for receiving.

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