March 2022 Update

March 2022 Update

Almost 2 years ago I finished up as a volunteer for God’s Way Ltd, and I’m very happy to share that in December 2021 I became a volunteer of God’s Way Ltd once again!

I have noticed some improvements in my attitude over the last couple of years:

  • I feel more and more myself and less negatively spirit influenced – though my issue of spirit influence is not fully resolved
  • I feel much more grateful for the opportunities to be involved with God’s Way Ltd and towards the organisation’s directors & members. Where during my previous volunteering experience my building resistance decreased my enjoyment and appreciation
  • Though I have some way to go with developing humility and the qualities required to be a member of God’s Way (see section 6, page 20 of God’s Way Ltd Consitution), my desire to grow, live God’s Way and become a member of the organisation in future has increased
  • I feel more direction and desire about what I love and want to do with my life
  • I feel happier overall and more excited about life and my future

In November 2021 I also commenced paid work for both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. This means that I’m not currently undertaking contract work for other clients and working with the organisations is my main focus.

I’m working with Jesus on the design and programming of websites and computer applications. For some time Jesus has intended to add a search function to the Divine Truth website, and we are currently redeveloping the site to improve navigation, add intuitive functionality, modernise the look and feel and to ultimately include a search engine! The God’s Way site will also be updated to be consistent with the same format and improve sharing & access to information.

Many exciting projects are happening within God’s Way Ltd and behind the scenes a lot of work is being done to enable more detailed and comprehensive sharing about what is being discovered and planned for.

The projects of the organisations demonstrate the multifaceted beauty of God’s Way and I’m very passionate to share this with the world. So it is a joy for me to help develop systems for sharing this information openly and widely!

I am also passionate about designing and creating systems (e.g. computer systems, organisational processes, housing systems, eco-systems) which heighten economy, add function, have things run smoothly and more enjoyably, and in doing so improve quality of life for all involved.

The designs for all sorts of systems that Jesus comes up with are beautiful, logical and multi-functional. I aspire to be able to design like this too and it’s a pleasure to assist with creating Jesus’ designs.

Thank you very much for the donations and personal support I have received. I really want to see all the projects of Divine Truth and God’s Way come to fruition, so I am working at a discounted rate which is viable to the organisations current financial circumstances. Your donations allow me to support these organisations more, rather than seeking work with other clients to cover my living costs.

Best wishes,


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